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We’re pretty hip in RuneScape HQ. 
Drum and bass is pretty much played constantly, broken up occasionally by the RS theme music*.
*May not be true. 

What is screenshot

i’m cringing so hard jagex put someone else in charge of ur tumblr 



We’re pretty hip in RuneScape HQ. 

Drum and bass is pretty much played constantly, broken up occasionally by the RS theme music*.

*May not be true. 

What is screenshot

i’m cringing so hard jagex put someone else in charge of ur tumblr 

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tentscape said: dear di ! am i late???

dear di, (never late)

you’re hella rad. you taught me how to do fish flingers all those months (years?) ago even though i was quite useless and kept forgetting what to do hehe, you’re super nice and i’ll always remember the beautiful days of shipping you and blur heheh. keep on being the lovely human you are

xoxoxox danirulz

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danirulz said: DEAR DANIRULZ



dude I fucking love you!111! it’s always a good time whenever we talk. you’re so chill and I feel really comfy talking to you. so mANY MEMORIES ON MD AND TUMBLR TS OML, THE BOY DRAMA AND GOSSIP. you’re a hilarious person without even trying, and it’s amazing how you’re always positive and enthusiastic about things. you’re the only girl on runescape who I can actually call a close friend of mine. I love it whenever we talk to other girls on rs then tell eachother about it LOL!1! you’re gr8888888888 daaaaaaaaaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mwah I wanna touch your boobs 1 day xx0x0x0

one day we’ll touch boobs and it will be amazing 

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avafruit said: pppickkk meee (for the ask thing i have no idea if u did this before im sorry)

i have no idea if i did this before either its ok 

dear ava, you’re like my number 1 favourite blog ever. you were one of the first people i followed back over two years ago before you deleted your other blog <3 we have actually talked to each other like 2 times because we are both awkward as hell and gl two awkward people maintaining conversations lmao but you have legit never ever done/posted anything that has been bad/annoyed me at all. ur amazing. i love watching you get better at drawing, the progress you’ve made in like 6 months or whenever you’ve started is amazing. i really want you to be happy and enjoy life and write and keep writing, your writing is great. it would be cool if we could actually be friends who talked one day but i also enjoy appreciating your existence from afar and occasionally interacting via tumblr

love u 5eva xoxox danirulz

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jujupotion said: Dear Jake & Dear people with blue hair!

dear jake, ur a qt, its hilarious how you always seem so polite and contained then say the most ridiculous things in wu i love it. you seem like a really nice dude, i rarely see you bitch about anyone and you always seem pretty positive! it is great. we should watch adventure time together and runecraft more (if i ever get back into runescape lols). keep on having fun and being ur self xoxoxo danirulz

dear ppl with blue hair, would you like to join my blue haired wizards guild? i recently began it with another blue haired friend and all you need to join is blue hair or aspirations to have blue hair, and be a wizard or have aspirations to be a wizard at some point in the future, hmu xox

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grimyguam said: DEAR MARA BITCH



i’ll do yours anyway because ily 

dear mara, you’re such a rad lady, we had so many fun times on tumblr ts and md ts and in wu and had great boy dramas and karaoke, o man such wonderful times. i’m sad that i cbb to play runescape anymore so now we don’t talk as much, but i still like reading your random rage and inappropriate jokes in wu and keeping up with how cute you and ur ed8 are. anyway you’re such a fun person and you always experience your emotions/life so intensely and enthusiastically its great and impressive (i don’t know how you do it i think i’d get exhausted). i hope you have a really excellent time when you go overseas 

luv ya bch xoxoxoxoxox

(also ur selfies are top notch) 

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danirulz said: dear danirulz : )


dear danielle

the thing i like about you is you keep yourself to yourself from what i’ve seen because I’ve never seen you be the centre of drama ever. youre kinda like me in that sense because i know you have opinions but you keep them to yourself sometimes because you’re not an asshole. defs one of my favourite people on the runescape tag even though your posts are few and far between. i thoroughly enjoy your snapchats and it would be a pleasure to hang out with you one day

lots of love saradomin slut

ps i purposely missed out a generic compliment about your hair

~skype emoji with all the hearts floating round the head~

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explodingandreloading said: dear sam (i missed the deadline so if u just want to reply with a picture that results in me getting owned for all the internet to see that's cool too)

lmao don’t worry there are no deadlines here

dear sam, you’re hella rad, you are so chill and nice to everyone and we’ve never really talked one on one much but from all our interactions in the watsapp group and on tumblr and i think we went on some beanventures together (is that what we called them?) you’ve always been super nice and really thoughtful of everyone else around you. i feel like you go through life trying not to hurt anyone else and just be nice and respectful and understanding and that’s so cool. u just seem like a gentle soul. also you gave me a fishmask once i still have that <3 

ur rad forever xoxox danirulz 

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i’m not usually a praying girl but if you’re out there, madoka, 

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saradomin-slut said: dear helen :))

dear helen, u seem like the most hardcore person ever tbh. i wish we lived near each other so we could meet up and flirt irl that’d be cute as hell. ur rlly nice and don’t take shit from anyone (i think, from what i see) and that is a thing i admire. also ur a qt. maybe one day if i ever play runescape again we can do an activity together like idk killing things or whatever it is people do on runescape these days 

ur a bae, xoxox danirulz

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jayreyez said: jay jay jay jay jay

dear ajy, 

lmao ur great i still remember the last time i did this and i did yours and its p much the same, we have a love hate relationship and its hilarious to flirt with each other because its so weird. i say ur scary as to play league with but mostly you’re really fun and only scary sometimes heheh. i actually haven’t seen scary jay in ages though so maybe you’re hella chill now. or maybe i just feed less. or we play together less. who knows either way it seems chill

keep on partying forever jae bae xoxox

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foacey said: Doe a deer a dear forceeeeec or sumtin idk Ben wot deer me dan tho lol doe

lawd idk what this means but i’m gonna do a dear ben 

dear ben, you’re a cutie, i can’t believe we’ve never met up irl when i’ve lived in the same city as you for 3 years and we’ve known each other for like 100 years. one day we’ll meet up and get drunk and it’ll be cute. you’re hella rad and you’re always so nice to everyone and so chill about everything. ty for being so great at dg and making freaky noises with me on skype and singing different songs at the same time we are truly the best and also so weird. remember that time you me simon and guy were at stealing creation all dressed in yellow and pink standing in corners of the box you wait in then following each other at the same time so we’d make a circle that went from big to small and then we’d end up circling one person and then we’d all just repeat their name and freak people out. we really were/are the greatest. EDGREN!! 

ily 5eva xox

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elitevoidz said: Dear dan :}

dear dan, ty for playing the league with me and buying me some awesome items and encouraging me to play some things other than morgana (even if that doesn’t really work) remember to always have fun and be yourself even if you are having a bad game :~) c u on the fields of justice. xoxoxo danirulz

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Anonymous said: Dear the person I likerino

likerino ok flanders 

errrrrmmmm lawd i like so many people? dear people i like, date me i’m really cute and i want to come home and cuddle someone a lot, fuck just date me damn it. xoxox danirulz 

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ashindice said: (eh why not) Dear Asihndice

dear ashindice, i don’t know you well but one time you drew a cool picture of me, thank u for that friend it was very kind :~) 

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